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Hinta: 650.00€ 1150.00€
Valm. koodi: AVANTICONDOR8.2
Tuotekoodi: 822280
Varastossa: Kyllä


The 2016 Condor has a freerace heritage derived directly from the Machine M3 and M4 devel-opment. Much like a luxury sports car allows an amateur driver to taste a full grand-prix experience, the Condor unlocks premium sailing performance with it’s mid-sized luff sleeve, three cam backbone, and ultralight Avanti membrane. It’s low stretch skin offers unmatched stability at a significant weight advantage over the competition.

"The Condor is the a direct descendant of our Machine M-series racing program. We set out to build a sail with the performance and top end speed of our full-on world cup sail, without sacrificing comfortable user-friendly ride-ability. Full depths down low, with a defined transition to a flat upper body, give a fast, soft, stable, feel." - Dennis Boisen


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